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This is a list of our seminary students with the Universal Life Church. If you've signed up as a seminary student and wish to be listed on the site, please send me your info and I'll get you added.

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Friday, March 15, 2013

Br. Gregory O. Jobson-Larkin, Seminary Student

Br. Gregory O. Jobson-Larkin D.D.
Universal Life Church/Seminary Commissioned | New York & USA Certified Clergy | Ordained Interfaith Minister | Wedding Ceremonies & Services Officiant | Bereavement Ceremonies Services Officiant | Spiritual & Motivations Coach/Speaker | Business Consultation | Blessings Officiant | Br. Gregory Jobson-Larkin D. D.

Why do you want to be an interfaith minister?
My first ordination, at the age of 14 yrs. occurred an A.M.E Church in Jamaica Queen, New York. Sexual abused by the then minister of music, plus eye witness to the political and moral hypocrisy of the church administrative structure led me to renounce my faith to that organization and embark on a 40 year interfaith wilderness trek sojourning for a time participating in many other religious experiences: Hindu, Judaism, Islam, Catholicism, Buddhism, religions of African and Asia. I have actively worshipped and seriously embraced the ritual and customs of all faith distilling the essence into one word phrase: "Pursue the excellence of being." This is who I am, the life=journey of me , and now I seek a physical 3rd party affirmation of this life's focus in the form of being recognized as an Interfaith Minister.

What areas of ministry attract you? 
The Universal Energy (Holy Spirit, Chi, Ancestors, The Force) permeates everything, as it is everything. I seek to encourage the awareness of, the practice of, and invite all humanity to embrace the excellence of this phenomenon, All ministerial areas fascinate and invigorate me, yet communications technologies (spreading the good news} interest me the most. I wish to formally teach and work towards increasing a person's awareness   of their inner light, and how that light guides to better life choices.

What does the statement, "We are all ministers" mean to you?
We are all ministers. Paper and/or the recognition of a person's walk (works) does not define the person; the person's walk (works) defines the individual, and we all effect and affect individuals, situations, and cause advent wherever and whenever we touch another's life. We minister life to that person, and we can also minister death, either way we all minister, and we all make a difference.

What does the term, "Interfaith" mean to you?
The term Interfaith conjures the imagery of synaptic electrical conduits connectivity, as "faith" is the source energy that the "inter" binds everything together with everything else. Yet, the purest connection looses no energy in the transference process, and neither takes away nor adds to the quiescent source. Imagine becoming a pure WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) reflection of SOURCE. This is what the term Interfaith speaks to me.

What previous areas of interest do you see yourself integrating with your ministry experience?
The United States Nuclear Powered Submarine service taught me the value of training and preparation, married to perfect practice and dedication to 100% mission fulfillment; I shall integrate the practiced essence of these experiences, plus the experience of formally owning and operating a religious AM radio station, 24-track analog recording studio, advertising music business, administrative head of a NY-based Time Warner public access channel, minister of communications and technologies 5-year employee for a nationally recognized and broadcast congressman/minister/church organization, financial investment consultant, Internet SEO consultant, media company owner and not limiting out the best integration experience of husband & father.

What are you expecting from this program in terms of educational knowledge, practical knowledge and personal growth?
I expect nothing, and also everything as I truly am open to the experience; whatever it is or is not does not matter. What matters is the first step of the journey, all educational knowledge, practical knowledge and personal growth shall and always will follow. The Universe shall decide the how, and what's because that's its domain. I only seek understanding.

Give a brief description of your religious/spiritual background to present.
I have embarked on a 40 year interfaith wilderness trek sojourning for a time participating in many other religious experiences: Hindu, Judaism, Islam, Catholicism, Buddhism, religions of African and Asia. Currently I am enjoying the study of Quantum Physics, as well as Metaphysics as a religious pursuit.

Describe your professional and educational history (include highest level of education achieved, list current licenses and/or certifications).
Masters of Media Studies, Harrington University
Bachelor of Media Studies, Harrington University
Certificates/Areas of Studies/Course Credit from:
The New School for Social Research, Screenplay Writing
York College, Theater Arts & Communications
Queens College, Music Appreciation
City College, Jazz Appreciation
Francis Lewis High School, Business & General Studies Diploma
Queens Technologies School, Computer Science
USN Nuclear Powered Submarine Service, Qualified (Silver Dolphins)
USN Advanced Electronics & Electricity, Qualified Instructor
United States Naval Nuclear Submarine Service Veteran

Evaluate yourself as a ministry applicant. What areas of expertise do you have and how do you see the ministry enhancing your skills?
The "ministry" enhances all skill, named and unnamed, known and unknown because the "ministry" is a practice of the excellence implementation of "u" in "you" with regards to the bringing about the best of the"u" in "us." The Universe knows the way of area enhancement of expertise, my responsibility and choice is to sincerely offer myself as a ministerial candidate to conduit its energy to others. I am the skill-set that I bring.

Seminary Student Listing for Trent Murman

ULC Seminary Student:  Rev. Trent Murman, OSM, OSF
Date of Ordination:  July 9, 2012
Hello Rev. Amy, 
Could you please enter me on the listing of graduates

Nam of Course
Start Date
Stop Date
Masters of Chaplaincy Course                  R
Masters of Religious Philosophy              R
Masters of Defining Spirituality               R  
Masters of Spiritual Leadership                R
Masters of Comparative Religion             R
Doctor of Spiritual Development              R
Masters of Metaphysics  ~ Spirit Quest    R                 
Masters of Religion                                   E
Doctor of Christian Ethics                        E
Masters of Spiritual Awareness                 E
From ULC Seminary
Master In Ministry
Master of Chaplaincy Studies

Groups and Associations
Member Order of St Michael
Member Order of St Francis
Background Education and Training:
Safety & Risk Manager at a local casino. Jan 2002 to Nov 2008
Secutiry Training Coordinator Jan 2000 to Jan 2002
Physicians Surgical Assistant Jan 1990 – March 2003  
St. Anthony Medical Center  Jan 1980 to Jan 1990
US Naval Medical Center ~ GLakes, IL  January 1972 – August 1979  
Medic USN 1972 ~ 1975 ~ USS Glover AGDE-1
Medic NavRegMedCenter GLakes
Combat Medic USMC 1975 ~ 1979 ~ 1st MarDiv FSSG Camp Pendleton, CA
I was a combat medic stationed with the USN and USMC from '72 thru '79 treated and guided many of our nations finest thru their joys and hardships. It is my belief that NO MAN SHOULD DIE ALONE. My goal is to work with these nation warriors that may have no one to help them make that final journey from this earth to His house. It is a sad day when the family's of these fine service members push them to the wayside as if they truely didn't care for them. God bless the service members of WWII, Korean Conflict, Viet Nam, Gulf War etc...we as ministers should rally to serve them as deligently as they served our nation in its time of need.  Oh-rah !!
Go In Peace

Re: ULC Seminary Student - Rev Anderson

Jeffrey L. Anderson, MIBA, JD
Ordained 2/18/13
I have always believed we are called to be ministers of the Gospel, although not all called to Preach.  We all need to constantly work towards finding His calling.  "Study to show thyself approved unto God..." 2Tim2:15

Friday, August 24, 2012

Why I Became Ordained by Rev Wagar

My name is Rev. Connie R Wagar.

Thank you.

I was first led to your site by a friend in AZ who wanted me to marry him and his soon to be wife. The problem was the relatives of these tow were a mix of religions. The couple were young Pagans. One set of parents were Mormons, and the other Methodist. Many other relatives varied from Baptist to Catholic. The couple wanted a service that did not bring disharmony to anyone if possible. They wanted to include their own vows as well as more formal "sounding" vows, excluding the use of Jesus's name. This called for a complete new written vow set for them. (and this was my first wedding). Need I say panic set in, and I sat for days writing and re-writing the new vows. In the end I had a completed set of two different ceremonies and set of vows.
I also incorporated the families in the service, letting them know the new marriage would not succeed if the families were not supportive of the couple and their wishes. 

At the completion of the services, I had several family and friends walk up and say they loved the service, and never once did I break with the wishes of the couple and it seemed no one had realized I spoke of "their" god and blessings  and guidance, but never once brought ANY specific religion into the service. IT was lovely, and of the 150 people present not one complained about the service.

Weeks before the ceremony I had queried the couple to see how dedicated and serious they were. I offered advice to them and reminded them to never go to bed angry. To remember it is all an uphill trip that cultivated in  what energies they would put forth into it.

More services followed and all were required me to write services dedicated to the couples style of life, and many had to be tailored to the different beliefs of the family's. I now find myself pleased to have brought these folks to the beginning of their new journeys and hope they find life together a success.

I also have had the sad duty's of being there for folks who were in the process of passing. One instance was with a client I was with as a caregiver for. The lovely lady and her husband were  German and Lutheran.

 The husband was aware I was not of their faith, but had seen the sticker in the window as Minister. The visiting Nurses had a woman who was a Chaplin trained in many religions and had been called. The phone rang and we found she was not able to get there through traffic and the husband looked frantic. HE took my hand and asked if I could help her to find the Lord. She needed last rights.

 I happened to have my formal ministerial clothing in the car and some of the books from your offices. The husband followed me in to stand with her as I did as he asked. She knew me as a caregiver and smiled. I had nearly finished when the Chaplin arrived, I offered to give way to her but she shook her head and took the woman's other hand as I spoke and guided her to her to the hands of her Lord.

She smiled and her husband took the hand from the Chaplain. HE also took my hand with tears as she passed with a smile and such peace. 

I checked on him a few days later and he invited me in. We sat and talked, and he thanked me for what I said and how I did the service. And then he smiled, and said she knew I was Pagan he told me though I had Never told her. HE said it was what was in my heart that had taken her "home" and with that I wiped the tears from my eyes and hugged him as I left.

Rev. Connie R Wagar

Seminary student - David Sherman

David Sherman Musick b. August 18, 1949. Oildale, California.

I've been a Christian my whole life. I believe the Messiah is God's Anointed one, and the only begotten of the Father. I have felt the call of God in my life from an early age and indeed, went to seminary at 18 in Waxahatchi Texas. The school was the school of my denomination. I dropped out to join the Navy during the VietNam war and stayed in the Military service for 30 years. At some point I realized that denominations and pet doctrines undermine the teachings of Christ, and strip the Word of God of its Spiritual dimensions by the divisive nature of their separate agendas.

I have devoted to follow the dictates of my heart and get to the unshakable and basic foundations of 1st century Christianity. So for the last 30 years I have sought out the Word of God in my own and have arrived at my own conclusions. This is why I chose ULC and it's understanding of liberty and freedom of religion. Its freedom of ordination appeals to me because I don't need a man to qualify me for the ministry. God will do that. If I fail, it will be because I called myself into His ministry instead of the other way round.

To God be the glory. David.

New ULC Seminary Student - Rev. Taylor

Dear Rev. Amy,
I am Michael Taylor
Date of Ordination: 27 June 2012
  I apologize for sending so many e-mails, but I am happy, humbled, and yet also befuddled and frightened by the reality of Ordination.  I joined thru the seminary site because seminaries are where the minister can learn his or her profession. 
First a little about myself.:  I am 52 yrs old, of African American descent, I was received into the Latin Rite of the Roman Catholic Church by baptism shortly after birth.  I am the product of a mixed marriage: Southern Methodist father, and Roman Catholic mother.  I was educated thru the Catholic school system from K-12  I have felt the call to Ministry of some sort since my youth, but was always stymied; first by my father who was spiritual, but not religious and who did not agree that I had a true call, and by  the religious orders that I was attracted to for lack of academic rigor.
I would like to concentrate my ministry, (at least I feel the call to), on weddings, and visitation of the sick, lonely.  I presently work as a security officer at a local hospital.  For over 14 years I have worked at a number of hospitals, and have had many conversations on spiritual matters with employees, patients, and even some of the ordained chaplains and other clergy. On some of those occasions the person I had talked to had asked me if I was a minister or priest.
I was unchurched for almost 20 years.  I had a falling out with my faith tradition, and I am ashamed to say it,  walked away from God. but even though I walked away from him I did not stop believing in him.   In the intervening 20 years I looked into some other belief systems, but never felt that God was calling me to ministry thru them. 
 In 2000 I turned 40 and started to notice in the obituary column guys that I had gone to school with and began to take stock of where I was, where I wanted my life to go.  I encountered someone who reconnected me with my faith tradition, began to study my faith.  I found that after 12 years of parochial school I did not learn much about the faith tradition that is Catholicism.  I encountered The Teaching Company and their wonderful products of college level courses that explored many subjects including faith, spirituality, religion, and philosophy.  I also joined the Knights of Columbus a catholic men's service organization. and began to read their mail courses on the faith, but two things stymied me, one at 40 I was too old for ordination in the religious orders that I was interested in, and that lack of academic rigor reared its head again.  I would need two masters degrees one in theology or divinity, and one in Spanish before ordination.
I encountered the ULC thru a friend who is ordained and does weddings at Renaissance Fairs around California. I started search the websites and almost joined the monastery, Luckily I knew that there is no such thing as an independent catholic priest.  Under canon law a priest must be incardinated with a diocese under the authority of the ordinary, (bishop).
As stated I am happy, humbled, befuddled, and yes frightened by the reality of ordination.  I am hoping that the seminary will help me on my path to serve the community of faith as a ULC minister.
Rev. Michael Taylor ULC

Ordination by Rev. Mewett

Greetings Amy,
Courtesy demands I should submit my credentials to you confirming viability of ordination.
* Four years Baptist Theological seminary Sydney, Australia. Graduating with Diploma of Divinity
* Three years study with Melbourne University College, Melbourne, Australia.
   Graduating with Licentiate of Theology       .........   L.Th.
* Current, working with Salvation Army Chaplaincy Department as Court Councillor
Reason for ordination request:   Transferred to Methodist Ministry by invitation - Methodist Church no longer exists in Australia - now Uniting Church.  Resigned - Unable to accept new concept.
Because of chaplaincy work and increasing demands for ministry - the request is made for ordination
Added qualification: Two years with Melbourne Unuversity College - Diploma in Religious Education.
Should ULC see fit to add a post nominal this would be appreciated.  Twenty years ago a US seminary agreed to grant a Bachelor of Religious Education and commence on Masters.
Your attention is appreciated.
                                              Warmest regards - Albert (Al Mewett)